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Vlog #6: I have to deal with THIS for the next month until surgery?

Since it’s the weekend, I’m tossing up my latest health vlog. Let’s just say the last week has been interesting. Feel free to skip over this post if you’re looking for political commentary… 🙂

Video below the fold.

Today’s entry is about what I’m doing in prep for my surgery in November (hysterectomy for fibroids) that involves my diabetes. I’m insulin-dependent (since I was 19) and tied to my polycystic ovary syndrome in that I’m extremely insulin-resistant. For my surgery I have to keep my blood glucose under really tight control and it’s wreaking havoc as I deal with pain also affecting control — hypoglycemic crashes, vision changes, weight gain (insulin will make you gain weight even if you change nothing about your diet and exercise), etc. I’m human pin cushion from the 6-8 needles I have to give myself each day, mostly in my abdomen (argh).  Let’s just say I can’t wait for Nov 22 to get here for the slice and dice.

I’ll be out from work for about 4-5 weeks officially, basically I won’t be back to work until sometime in early January. Not sure how much blogging I’ll be doing in the first week or so after surgery.

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