Tucson to Tucumcari, Tehachapi to Tonopah

Just as a programming note, mrs TBogg and I  will hitting the road (sans beasties) next Friday morning for our annual  Southwestern pilgrimage to see the L&T Casey playing that crazy futbol game here on the mainland in what should be her last four games after seventeen years of playing. We will be returning on the weekend of the sixth.

So, you may be asking yourself, what does this mean and how will it impact my life and will you be bringing back presents? Well,  what this means is that there will be no blogging for the duration  since my laptop came up deader than Bob Dole’s dick while in Utah last year (understandable in Utah) and it wasn’t in the budget to replace it this year.   So instead of blogging I will be spending my time traveling and “appreciating the Awesome Beauty Of This Great Country Of Ours”, and by that I mean I will be surveying the landscapes of Nevada, Utah, and Arizona and mentally comparing them to all of the much better places in America to live, which is pretty much anywhere else with the exception of Indianapolis which is whole other kind of awful. Seriously.

My brother has graciously agreed to come dog-sit while we are gone after I pointed out that the alternative was to leave the boys on their own with a side of beef hanging from a hook and a child’s wading pool full of water for the duration, but apparently there are laws about  doing stuff like that. Friggin’ nannystate.

This will also mean I won’t be around for the election but  they will probably  have it anyway and it is my understanding  that there will be some “bloggers” “blogging ” about it on the internets and on the TwitterTwat and ShoutyFace and probably some other “social media” thing that will be invented and  become indispensable within the next two weeks, and then will be totally lame by Thanksgiving. Check your local listings.

As for me, deprived of important internet news, I will be taking a bunch of books with me and relaxing without a care in the world  This will be in stark contrast to last years trip (see home movie below):

Mrs TBogg will once again be playing the part of the naked blond.

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