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I can’t wait until this happens in our own country!!!!!!

Apparently the week of October 11th (the internationally recognized National Coming Out,) the Finns had a nationally televised debate on gay rights.

As usual, they had the pro-gay rights side as well as their vehemently anti-gay crowd for this debate. Since this was a debate, the follow up question to be asked would be, who won? Right? Well according to news reports it would appear that the pro-gay side won.

Some will ask how I came to this conclusion. Well, I'm glad you asked. Helsinki Times reports that as of October 18, more than 24,000 people had left the Finland's Evangelical-Lutheran and Orthodox Churches. And that by the end of that same day more than 5,300 people had left the church, breaking the record for the most people leaving in a single day. 

My favorite part of the article however is:

“The age distribution has levelled [sic] out. Previously 18-year-olds made up the largest age group, but now older age brackets have joined in en masse.”

As I stated in the title, “I can't wait until this happens in our own country.” But trust me, I won't be holding my breath. 

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