What Happens for Members When Membership Corporations Support Political Groups

The owner of Gold’s Gym put this member in a bind when he supports political groups via corporate contributions. I’m sharing in this diary the comment I sent to Gold’s Gym. It points out a fundamental flaw when such organizations start to support political groups versus lobbying efforts that directly affect their business.

Here’s the comment:

Dear Madame or Sir:
I go to the gym to work out; not to support a political cause or party. When I found out that Mr. Rowling through Gold’s Gym has contributed significant monies to Karl Rove-backed initiatives, that upsets (i.e., sickens) me. If Gold’s Gym wants to lobby regarding specific legislation, that’s one thing. But if Gold’s Gym (and thereby my and my wife’s membership dollars) are going to support candidates that are frankly xeonophobic, that is not how I want my money to be used. Since I’ve joined, Gold’s Gym has closed a facility in my in-laws’ home town, now charge parking fees for the gym near my work, and my fees have increased. Also, towels are no longer provided. USE THE MONEY TO MAXIMIZE THE VALUE OF YOUR SERVICE TO YOUR MEMBERS. I will now be checking out competitors as each time I walk into Gold’s I’ll feel like I’m betraying myself rather than doing something good for me.

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