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My $.02 on Juan Williams

Christopher Beam at Slate offers a quick discussion of the Juan Williams firing by NPR and makes a very key point that a lot of the folks whining about the firing seem to have missed:

Can news organizations fire reporters and commentators for anything they write or say?

Pretty much. The default labor contract in the United States is "at-will" employment, which means private employers can fire you at anytime for any reason, good or bad, or for no reason at all. (Slate employees, for example, are "at-will.") There are exceptions for discrimination based on race or gender, say, or retaliation for whistle-blowing. But you don’t have a Constitutional right to keep your job no matter what you say.

And there it is ladies and gentlemen. Employment at will is the world that must of us function under.

Welcome to the world the rest of us deal with Mr. Williams. Welcome to the world of no unions, no contracts and no recourse.

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