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Late Night: I’m Mad Too, Carl! That’s Why I Kickbox Lint, Snowflakes

I know I’ve been spending lots of time lately making fun of New York’s GOP gubernatorial candidate, Carl Paladino. And this attention may seem disproportionate to the National Impact of the Empire State’s Gubernatorial Race. Or it may seem like I’m just taking this personally because I’m from New York. Or it may just appear as if I am the sort of person who delights in kicking horrible assholes when they’re down. To which I say: your point? I wasn’t listening. Beg pardon?

Paladino is just fun! Angry Carl Paladino jokes are just fun! Here, try your own in comments:

Carl Paladino once sledgehammered a daisy for looking too socialist.

Carl Paladino once lost a fight with a dust bunny — barely. Carl came back with a bazooka! Screw you, grandma!

Carl Paladino once punched a potato for not being a fry.

Carl Paladino once said, sorry about the death and the cheating, love, but baby, don’t shoot the messenger.  Aw hell, BLAM BLAM FUCK THE MESSENGER!

Anyway, Carl Paladino got into trouble here for not liking and then belatedly liking homosexuals. Kinda sorta.

If you are wondering what it would take to actually not hate Carl Paladino, why, here is a Townhall column written by a pinhead. Here is a pinhead pretending Heterosexual Children are Under Attack.

Children are being shamed and shunned for any objection to homosexuality. In some schools “tolerance circles” are used. Those who agree that homosexuality is good get to form a circle. Those opposed stand in the middle to be ridiculed.

Yes. This Happens.

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