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I Can Haz Oilburger? Punking of Chevron Continues

Over at, we reported on Tuesday how The Yes Men (in collaboration with the Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch) had pwned big oil company Chevron’s new greenwashing ad campaign.

The Yes Men are quite pleased with their results:

"It’s been working: search on Chevron in the news and all you get is our spoof. $50 million spent to keep our eyes off Chevron’s dirt… and it all just went down the drain!"

So pleased, in fact, that they’re keeping the campaign rolling by crowdsourcing the follow-ups: "Now it’s time to make sure that "the era of greenwashing is over," they say, "by making sure the laughter doesn’t stop."

They’re calling on you – yes, you! – to make your own Chevron ad! In print or video! They even supply some of the tools to do it.

Send it in to the folks at Yes Men and post it on the Change Chevron Facebook wall! If the LOLcats can do it, so can you…

… or just check out the some of the images that have already been posted on twitpic (click here, then search for #weagree).

More backstory:

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