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The Alternative In America

Electoral politics will only work for the purpose of getting the message out, to publicly explain the symptoms of the sickness in America, and offer a cure. What‘s needed is not the sum effect of a lot of incremental changes, but the introduction of a different life-style. At the core of the life-style that needs to change is money. If we want to end American Empire, then we must first understand that the driving force of money has become independent. It’s now Capital, an autonomous, alienated, economic process operating by objective laws that have escaped the good will or ill will of even the capitalists.

American plutocracy began with the rise of money, and under free-market conditions the actions of buying and selling for profit have led to a shameful culture. No other society has been governed by money to this degree: we all have an interest in squeezing profits out of the third world. It’s not only big money, so easy to condemn, but little money that drives the merciless world market.

It’s not enough to focus on corporate money because there is a connection between every savings account and finance-capital. The overthrow and/or subordination of money will require us to set up a new a economy of life. Socialism awakes our species being for mutual aid. It wouldn’t work without planned cooperation. The real solution, the message that needs to be delivered to the people is that America must re-establish small living circles on a communal scale. Anything less is not up to the challenge we face: the demon-spirit of Capitalism.

Collective ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, together with the subordination of the economy to ecology, is a concrete, beginning blueprint/greenprint. Any politician and/or activist who ignores the basic reality that America is addicted to money, and requires a whole new foundation, is building a house of cards. Socialism is a simple thing that’s hard to do, but at least it’s possible and desirable, while Capitalism cannot be reformed or sustained.

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