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Something New This Way Comes…Announcing MyFDL [UPDATE]

[Ed. Note: Be sure to see the update at bottom of post, thanks!]

It feels like Christmas has come early this year behind the scenes here at The Seminal. Or maybe a bit more like New Year’s Eve, when the promise of exciting new horizons lies before us while we wistfully wave goodbye to the past.

So what’s new?

This platform you’ve both loved and fretted over will get a screaming hot upgrade to be launched tomorrow morning.

With it will come a new name: MyFDL.

Yup, it will be your own slice of FDL. Where we’ve all shared a single, partitioned blog as The Seminal, we’ll each of us have a more fully realized blog of our own with MyFDL.

More importantly, you will have many more social media tools which allow you to stay in touch with your friends in the MyFDL community, keep an eye on what’s hot at the site, combined with much improved editing tools to help you post your own diaries at MyFDL.

Between now and tomorrow morning we will be migrating all the existing community posts to the new MyFDL platform. You may notice a site outage in the wee hours here as the switches are being flipped and connections tested.

By mid-morning tomorrow you should see a slightly different front page. You’ll be able to use your existing login as that will also be migrated.

Once you log into the site, that’s when the NEW will hit you — like the My Friends tab, or the Site Activity view.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the possibilities the new platform will bring; we can’t wait until tomorrow morning when we open the doors to the new MyFDL.

One important note: If you are working on a post right now or have one in drafts, please publish it today before 8:00 p.m. EDT or save to your own computer. Any drafts will be lost during the migration to the new site. All previously published content will migrate, however.

Have any fond memories of The Seminal you’d like to share, or questions about the new MyFDL platform? Please share in comments.

UPDATE — 2:30 P.M. EDT — Fiddlesticks! As so often happens with really big technical projects, we found we need to push the roll-out back by 24 hours to Sunday morning. Please plan on a brief outage on Saturday evening and the new platform appearing on Sunday by mid-morning, if all goes according to the new plan.

New posts can be added to the site through 8:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday; any drafts not published by that time may be lost if not saved to your own computer. Thanks for your patience; MyFDL will be worth the wait!

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