I’m glad to see that intolerant churches now have the finger pointed at them for the obvious role they play in creating an environment of fear, self-loathing and most of all, institutionalized condemnation of LGBTs that pushes vulnerable teens over the edge. (The New Civil Rights Movement):

Sixty-five percent of Americans – a vast majority – blame churches for “higher rates of suicide among gay and lesbian youth,” such as the suicides that have shocked the country in recent months, according to a new poll just released by The Public Religion Research Institute. The survey also finds that seventy-two percent of Americans believe “messages about the issue of homosexuality coming from places of worship contribute to negative views of gay and lesbian people.” Additionally, forty-three percent of Americans, a plurality, “think messages on the issue of homosexuality coming from America’s places of worship are generally negative.”

The Public Religion Research Institute also reports, more than 4-in-10 Americans gave religious organizations a “D” (18%) or an “F” (24%). The number of Americans giving places of worship low marks is more than twice as many as give them high marks; Only 5% of Americans give them an “A,” and only 11% give them a “B.”

David Badash comments:

It’s important to compare these factual, scientific findings with the assault that radical yet well-publicized and well-funded right-wing religious zealots are making on the issue of the severe and damaging impact religious institutions and “pro-family” groups are having on the youth and teens of America, particularly youths and teens who are homosexual or may questioning their sexuality. Even those who do not self-identify as homosexual, bisexual, or transgender, but are perceived as being LGBTQ, have suffered greatly at the hands of bullies of all ages.

And David Mixner bluntly leaves blame at the doorstep of Maggie Gallagher of NOM, who has taken to the MSM to defend herself and her movement of hate:

Unfortunately, the day was capped with the announcement of yet one more of our young killing himself. Corey Jackson, (just 19) of Oakland College in Michigan went into the woods and hung himself from a tree. He was not bullied however the young gay Oakland College student could not muster up the will to live in such a hostile world. Every day he had to hear the hate coming from candidates about being gay, our allies compromising our freedom and in the process separating us from the rest of society and of vicious hate crimes that left LGBT citizens bloodied or dead.

…Every time a person uses angry language, allows students to chant ‘faggot’, ducks on the LGBT fight for civil rights or asks us to be patient, they increase the odds of another young person committing suicide. Maggie Gallagher of NOM can wash her hands at the sink all she wants but the blood of these young people have permanently stained them. There is no cleansing agent around that get those hands clean.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding