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Guns for all, YES

I’m told, The NRA has no Africa American Members, and it was formed one year after the KKK was banned. If this be true, I’m sure the date of founding of the NRA is just a coincidence.

The best solution for the NRA’s rabid promotion for guns is to enroll as many African American and Muslim members as possible in NRA membership, have them purchase multiple guns each, especially semi-automatic guns, at gun shows.

A few thousand such in a rally in Washington, openly brandishing their guns, and asserting they want to "Take Back America" would be a seminal event.

I suspect there might just be a tiny change in attitude towards "guns for all," the "gun show loophole," and some revisionism about ignoring "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State."

On second thoughts, no surely not. All citizens have equal rights, correct? And, personally, I’ll have to dust off my Carl-Gustaf and then join the rally.

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