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Video: LGBT leaders set aside differences to rally around Rep. Patrick Murphy

I enjoyed doing this video, though of course when you’re doing your part, you have no way of knowing how the finished product will turn out. Dan Manatt produced it and Joe Sudbay of Americablog and Adam Bink of Open Left corralled this motley crew together in support of Patrick Murphy. Here’s Kerry Eleveld’s take:

Progressive LGBT advocates locked in perpetual finger-pointing over the ailing equality agenda disagree on almost everything right now – except for the exigency of saving one of the community’s strongest allies in Congress, Rep. Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania, who led the charge on passing “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal in the House.

A new video, expected to be released Thursday and produced by Dan Manatt, underscores the two-term congressman’s tough reelection bid with narration from queer bloggers, grassroots activists, and organizational leaders, who are usually all over the map on how to best achieve equality.

And here’s the video, featuring Robin McGehee, John Aravosis, Alex Nicholson, Rick Jacobs, David Hall, Joe Solmonese and your blogmistress urging you to support Rep. Murphy.

Divisions in the LGBT movement are all over the headlines. What missing is that we know how to come together around a common purpose. That purpose is to re-elect our ally and leader who kept his promise to pass repeal of DADT in the House: Rep. Patrick Murphy.

While we all sing in our own unique way, when push comes to shove, we are always singing the same song. That song is that we support those who support us, and that’s why the LGBT community and leaders are coming together to support Patrick Murphy’s re-election. Contribute to Rep. Patrick Murphy’s campaign to push him over the top at

You can catch today’s live chat with Rep. Murphy at:

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Pam Spaulding