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Compare and contrast – watch Valerie Jarrett defending WH vs. Dan Choi's response to 'her lecture'

After you watch the appearance of one of the members of the fierce advocacy administration, Valerie Jarrett on CNN this AM, you’ll understand why Dan Choi says what he did in that headline. She parrots the usual party line that the Obama DOJ has no choice but to take the legal route it is taking. Her robotic delivery didn’t help either. I watched this interview in disbelief that she could flat out say what she did with a straight face, but hey, for her it’s a paycheck. For those serving in silence and the subject of witch hunts, it’s their lives.

At this point the broken record of messaging that is compromising our military’s effectiveness probably needs to sound like there’s a key in her back to turn.

And now watch Dan Choi’s response to seeing that interview. Priceless. He says he doesn’t need to be lectured to by Jarrett. Slam dunk – he calls all these legal moves by the President for what they are – political cover for the midterms, and Dan’s tired of service members who put their lives on the line being used as a political football.

UPDATE: Jarrett went back on CNN to respond to Dan, and it’s another FAIL. Joe Sudbay:

Valerie Jarrett was just on CNN to respond to Dan Choi, who earlier today excoriated her and the President over DADT. The clip, below, includes an excerpt from Dan’s interview on CNN. She stuck to the same Obama administration’s talking points — the incorrect ones — she used earlier today. It’s stunning. Does the Obama administration understand how badly they’ve handled this issue?

Jarrett stated that DOJ “has no choice but to defend the laws that are on the books.” That’s just not true. She should know better by now, especially since the Obama DOJ has refused to enforce a number of laws. Even Ted Olson says they don’t have to appeal.  But she keeps saying it.

Then, when Wolf Blitzer asked her why the President doesn’t say the law is unconstitutional, she claims he’s done just that. That question HAS NOT been answered. It’s simply not true.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding