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When Will Clarence Thomas Apologize for Being a Liar and a Creepy Asshole?

Yeah, it’s safe to say that Teabagger Ginni Thomas isn’t very bright. Her husband has enough sense to generally keep his mouth shut, but since Ginni insists on re-litigating Clarence’s sexual harassment of Anita Hill, let’s take a look at some of the evidence that has since emerged since he was confirmed.

Remember the bizarre Coke can/pubic hair stuff? Hill wasn’t the first one who heard it from Clarence.

…some of the behavior Hill complained about resonated with episodes from Thomas’s past. Hill described an episode in which Thomas, drinking a soda, asked, “Who has put pubic hair on my Coke?” James Millet, a college classmate of Thomas’s, recalled “an almost identical episode” at Holy Cross.Pubic hair was one of the things he talked about,” another classmate said. Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson, in “Strange Justice,” found two others who recalled a pubic hair-Coke can comment at the EEOC.

And Hill wasn’t the first woman he harassed.

Former EEOC employee Angela Wright described how Thomas pressured her to date him, showed up uninvited at her apartment and asked her breast size. “Clarence Thomas would say to me, ‘You know you need to be dating me. . . . You’re one of the finest women I have on my staff,” Wright told Senate investigators.

Wright’s account was corroborated by Rose Jourdain, a former speechwriter who, like Wright, was dismissed by Thomas. Jourdain said Wright had complained that she was “increasingly nervous about being in his presence alone” because of comments “concerning her figure, her body, her breasts, her legs.”

As for Hill’s allegation that Clarence loved him some porn, that too is backed up by other eye witnesses.

As a young federal bureaucrat in Washington, Thomas rented adult videos from Graffiti, a store of Dupont Circle. It was there that Fred Cooke, the former D.C. corporation counsel, saw him at the checkout line during the late 1980s with a copy of The Adventures of Bad Mama Jama, a triple-X-rated flick featuring the sexual exploits of a hugely overweight black woman with abnormally large breasts. Cooke was both struck and amused that the chairman of the EEOC was a consumer of such smut.

Clarence, of course, denied all this stuff during his confirmation hearings and now he sits on the SCOTUS. Lying to Congress is a crime or something, isn’t it?

Maybe Ginni should give all of this evidence “some thought” and pray over it — and help us understand why she’s stalking Clarence’s victims.

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