Mean Girls League New Plebe

Obviously since that lawyer apologized to Chee-knee for getting in the way of his "pepper" spray the rightwing thinks they can always demand victims apologize.

Anita Hill’s dignity and grace in handling this once-again sexual harrassment tactic perpetrated by the pathetic Virginia Thomas trying to pass muster with the Mean Girls League shows the difference between the women and the girls.

This is only the latest variation on the "man up" theme, this time taunted by Clarence Thomas’ teabaggin’ wife.

There’s only one response for the mean girls’ "man up" in all its forms. That’s "grow up."

Anita Hill has shown how a grown-up acts all the way through this sorry episode. While the Republican males hide behind their teabaggin’ mean girls. And the bichacuda tactics are oh, so junior high.

Crossposted at Prairie Sun Rising
[Photo: Lainiebird5000 via Flickr]

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