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Why Should Democrats Care about Losing the South?

McCain and Palin's path to defeat: dominating in the South, nowhere else.

The Democrats are doomed! Southern Whites don’t like them anymore.

For the first time since Reconstruction, Republicans also are well-positioned to control more state legislative chambers and seats than Democrats in the South, which would have far-reaching effects for redistricting.

“It’s not a good prospect for the Democratic Party in the South,” said Glen Browder, a former Democratic congressman from Alabama. “It should be a moment of reflection for Democrats. When you forfeit the South, your sights tend to drift too far left.”

I see Southerners and Democratic pundits say this kind of thing all the time and it’s self-refuting bullshit. There’s this strange chauvinistic tendency among Southerners to overstate their importance in elections. Maybe it stems from an inferiority complex, who knows. But it’s plainly unfounded. Losing the South doesn’t matter if you’re doing well in the West, the Midwest, and the Northeast, as we saw in 2008.

The South is far more conservative than any other region of the country, so the idea it’s some kind of canary in the coal mine for Democrats is just wrong. There’s nothing Democrats can do, short of repealing civil rights, that will make them dominant in the South again. Lyndon Johnson knew what he was talking about.

Besides, I never hear Republicans fret about the fact that they’ve totally conceded the Northeast or the Pacific West, do you?

And yeah, anyone who thinks Obama/Biden’s problem is that they drifted too far of the left, is smoking some really good shit.

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