WA, WI, and CO Senate Races All Extremely Close

There are three new polls out this after afternoon about the Washington State, Colorado, and Wisconsin Senate races. The polls found all three races to be within their respective margins of error.

WA Sen In Washington State, while recent polls have shown the race to be very close, they have all found Sen. Patty Murray with a small lead. Looking at the internals, the other piece of good news is that among the 14 percent of voters who have already cast their ballots, Murray leads 52-47.

Washington State
PPP (10/14-16)
Patty Murray (D) 49
Dino Rossi (R) 47
Undecided 4

WI Sen This is the best Russ Feingold has done in a public poll in a long time. Most other recent polls have him trailing Russ Johnson by high single digits. To determine whether this is Feingold surging, an increase in Democratic enthusiasm in Wisconsin, or just on outlier, we will need to wait for more polling.

St. Norbert College Survey Center (10/12-15)
Rob Johnson (R) 49
Russ Feingold (D) 47
Not sure 4

CO Sen The most interesting numbers seem to be from Colorado. In August, Ipsos found Michael Bennet to be trailing Ken Buck by nine points. Recent polling shows this race to be one of the closest in the county.

Ken Buck (R) 48
Michael Bennet (D) 45

At least one recent public poll of each of the Senate races in Nevada, West Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky, California and Pennsylvania have also found the contests within their respective margins of error, meaning there is still a huge field still at play this year. Often, races found to be very close tend to all break in one direction in an election. It is conceivable that Democrats could narrowly lose all of these races and end up with the narrowest majority in the Senate, or Dems might eek out wins in many of these races and retain a rather large 55-seat margin in the Senate.

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Jon Walker

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