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The year was 1948, and I was two years old. Harry Truman had been vice president for a few months when FDR died and Truman became president in April of 1945. Truman had horrible midterms. The Republicans recaptured the Congress in 1946, for the first time in 16 years.


Harry Truman was challenged by Thomas E. Dewey, the 1944 and 1948 GOP presidential nominee. Dewey was given a second bite at the apple because they smelled blood in the water. The prediction was that the Truman-Barkley team would be soundly defeated by the Dewey-Warren ticket (yes, THAT Earl Warren). Moreover, the pundits and the Gallup Poll had them keeping their Congressional majority and even increasing their numbers in both chambers.




Pollsters like the Chicago Tribune and the Gallup poll were sancrosanct predictors of possibility, probability and of course, “certainty.” Truman, the accidental president, the Missouri machine senator, was toast. The Democratic Congress of 1931-47 was history, and so was the anamoly of the FDR years.





Pollster FIVE THIRTY EIGHT.COM accurately predicted the 2008 election. Of course, he was “bought” by the New York Times recently. I say” of course” because possibility, probability and of course, “certainty” must have an MSM brand of approval. I have noticed that a better wardrobe, better dental work and eyewear seem to indicate that blue ribbon mainstream approbation. (Just think Paul Potts after he won the contest and sang for HM the Queen as opposed to his viral You Tube video.) There is nothing like becoming part of the MSM.

I have difficulty in believing that I saw the same MTV programme. It appeared that President Obama said this:  I'm no expert….hedging that the choice (homophobic) vs orientation (LGBT) was a subjective discussion with two equally “valid viewpoints.”  We are all “children of God” is right wing code talk.

I have stopped listening to WH rhetoric. I now examine the actions. Temporary rights to hospital visitation on Executive Order memo easily revoked by next GOP president in 2013 or 2017. Four, count them four, defences on DOMA and the first against DADT. He says that the Senate should repeal with the arcane law that will allow one GOP senator, McCain, to fillibuster til the chamber is more Republican and anti-gay.

Moreover, for liberals, he has resumed drilling and Holder defends the Bush AG for the egregious acts he committed. He made deals with corporations to take real health reform off the table, and to delay full implementation until 2014.

President Obama is better positioned to win a full consecutive second term  (FDR four, now unconstitutional) in office….only four Democrats have done it in U.S. history, if the Congress is GOP and the co-equal branches cause a divided government, or coalition as he prefers to call it.

Obama could have been a full-blown liberal, punked the Corporate oligarchs, and deeply marginalised and regionalised the Dixiecrats, now GOP. The House of Representatives was totally devoid in the Northeast of GOP members, the first time in history since the GOP was founded in 1854. Obama could have INCREASED his numbers in the Congress as had FDR in 1934 or W in 2002.



OK, why wait for Wednesday, November 3, 2010. Order the drapes. Order the new stationery. Prepare the plan of attack against the working class. The Republicans are going to share equal branches of the United States Government. The polls have it already planned.


Are you ready?   There will be approximately 225 Republicans and 210 Democrats in the next Congress seated in January of 2011 . There will be 52 Republicans and 48 Democrats in the Senate….which means that McConnell will have an easier time controlling the Senate than he did before. It will be officially “Democratic”, but of course the Blue Dogs will give them actual control of the body.




After all, if you subscribe to the Emmanuel and Axelrod to Obama strategy, this arrangement is perfect. VICTIM IN TEN AND VICTOR IN TWELVE….WITH HILLARY IN THE SECOND SEAT….TO ASSURE A SECOND TERM. Yesterday, former Sen. Tom Daschle, a lobbyist now and richer than ever before, let loose on the duplicity of Obama/Emmanuel/Axelrod on their corporate capitulation on progressive health care reform before the fact. Liberals have been called “whiny” and of course, we need to “buck up”…..and stay home or vote Green or some third party entity like, say, the Socialist Worker's Party. Please do not vote Democratic….they say.




OK, Truman went around the country and told the truth about the GOP 80th Congress. He told the truth about a moderate conservative party that would be appalled at the reactionary Dixiecrat and Crazies Coalition who now control the party, and soon, the oligarchal government the billionaire corporatists envision for a dormant dumbed-down sheeple in the United States.




What more can they do? What more foreign monies can now be legally funneled into America to literally buy the Republic. Buy the country.


No, this is not over-the-top rhetoric. This is the truth, unless you vote Democratic …even for the most egregious blue dog…..on November 2, 2010.




Let's say that on November 3…..the Democrats have more seats than the Republicans because a few Blue Dogs voted for Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the House. Do not forget. The Democratic House of Representatives from 2009-10 passed all the progressive legislation except for a few important ones that Boehner will not pass. It was the GOP/Blue Dog quislngs who stopped the surge toward working class legislation. It is the reactionary zealotry of the most ignorant and rural underclass combined with white racists of any age, who are giving the GOP the keys again.




A major reason why the Reactionary strategy worked is because we are a racist and bigoted nation. A nation formed out of many different populations, races, classes and given our history from revolution to civil war to Jim Crow to an uneasy compromise translates easily into the definition of the realpolitik of the country. The irony, as I have written often, is that the mulatto president has a caucasian culture and mindset. His WASP genetic ancestors were midwestern rural conservatives, and he comes by it “naturally”. Only ONE president did not have ancestors here during or before the American Revolution…..John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  The president is a Dunham, and many other families who settled this nation during the days of the United Colonies of America. He just has a darker tan than Boehner, and he comes by his naturally. Yet the Ohio conservative and the Kansas conservative are cut from the same cloth.




Harry Truman campaigned hard, and went to bed at a hotel near his home in Independence, MO. When he awakened, he had been elected president in his own right. Moreover, the Democrats regained control of the Congress. They would keep it until Eisenhower was elected in 1952, but the Democrats regained control in 1954, and kept it until 1994 and regained it in 2006 to run the risk in 2010.


They always say, ” the Democrats kept it for 40 years.”  This is lazy journalism and half-truths that the MSM get away with because most Americans are woefully ignorant of history…..the fact is this….the Democrats from 1930 to 2010 controlled the Congress with the exception of 1947-49 and 1953-55 and 1995-2007.




The Chicago Tribune and Gallup Poll…….Dewey Defeats Truman….GOP Keeps Congress…..


The New York Times and…….Obama loses legislature….GOP Retakes Congress….




Would you like to see Nancy Pelosi holding up a newspaper, even Obama….he would be so disappointed that he won….he would have to kiss liberal ass to get a second term…..his only, HIS ONLY concern…..and you thought that he cared about YOU.


In 2001, the Republican House of Representatives took the 2000 Census results and gerrymandered the House of Representatives to favour either Republicans or Blue Dog Democrats. This change made it difficult for Democrats to recapture the majority without electing many moderate and Blue Dog Democrats…who could be easily defeated, like say, this year.


In 2011, the Republican House of Representatives can take the 2010 Census and nail the coffin on any progressive Democratic House majority ever again….increasing the number of phony Democrats who will need to be elected.


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