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Oregon’s Measure 74: New Radio Ad Features Medical Marijuana Patient

Imagine suffering from intense chronic pain, or undergoing extensive therapy that kills your appetite and makes you weak.

Your doctor gives you a prescription to relieve you of your pain, but rather than taking a simple trip to your local pharmacy, you’re forced to turn to the black market. Every time you need your medicine, you have no choice but to put yourself at risk and live in secret shame from the rest of your community.

For millions of medical marijuana patients across the country, this is the scary, unfortunate reality. But there is hope: in Oregon, voters are about to take up Measure 74, a ballot measure to provide safe, regulated access to medical marijuana for patients in the state. Just Say Now is working with the Measure 74 campaign to let voters know how badly patients need this measure.

To help build awareness, Alice Ivany, a medical marijuana patient and spokesperson for the YES on 74 campaign, was kind enough to let the campaign record her story as a radio advertisement.

Check out the email to Measure 74 supporters about Alice’s radio ad below:


Help tell my story to the rest of Oregon

Listen to my ad and donate $5 to put it on the radio

Friend –

I lost my arm in an industrial accident.

My doctor recommended medical marijuana for my chronic pain. But for a year and a half, I suffered without it. I didn’t know where to get it. I was embarrassed and afraid to ask for help.

Measure 74 would change this for Oregon patients. If we pass Measure 74, we’ll provide safe access to medical marijuana for thousands of patients like myself. No more waiting around, wondering where to go. No more risks. Just safe access.

While you know why we need Measure 74, we desperately need to tell other Oregon voters why they should vote Yes on Measure 74.

I just recorded a radio ad to tell my story. Please listen to our new ad, and chip in $5 or more to help put it on the air?

Click here to listen to our ad and donate now.

When I tried medical marijuana, it worked. It reduced my pain. It gave me back my quality of life. But I’ll never forget the needless wait, the pointless pain.

Measure 74 can help patients and protect communities not only by creating licensed, nonprofit clinics for patients, but also requiring background checks and other necessary screening for suppliers. By regulating marijuana like pharmaceutical drugs, Measure 74 creates a secure system that helps patients and protects communities.

Without Measure 74, thousands of Oregon patients needlessly wait and suffer. My story is just one of thousands in Oregon, and it needs to be told to Oregon voters now.

With just 14 days left, it’s critical that we tell voters across Oregon how important Measure 74 is. Please take a minute to listen to our new radio ad and my story, then chip in $5 or more to run our ad.

Oregon voters already have their ballots! Now is the time to reach them with the reasons to vote "yes."

Thank you for showing compassion for patients in Oregon by supporting Measure 74. Together, we can win!


Alice Ivany
Chief Petitioner, Oregon Measure 74

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Brian Sonenstein

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