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Ohio HS football crowd chant: "powder blue faggots'

Ohio Daily:

As teen suicides continue to rise, including a series at their neighboring Mentor High School, some students of North High School in Eastlake (Lake County) haven’t received the memo to grow up and stop the bullying as they mocked the uniform colors of rival South High School (Willoughby) with a gay slur during parts of Friday night’s football game.

And from the YouTube description:

“Powder Blue Faggots” – An appalling display of anti-gay slurs at a Cleveland Area local football game occured at the yearly rivalry game between Eastlake North High and Willoughby South High. No teachers or parents from the sidelines intervened to stop the problem, and this chant occured 3 times in the first 3 minutes of the game. I left 6 minutes into the first quarter- what a waste of $12.

What are the teachers teaching our children at Wiloughby-Eastlake Schools? With the combined efforts of Mentor High School’s gay-suicide track record, all of Cleveland’s Eastern city school districts need to be educated about bullying and hate crimes against gays and lesbians!


My parents taught me better than this. Did you listen to your parents? And I was raised by a father wirh a handicap. I respect all other human beings, so who do you respect besides yourself???

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding