NY Gov: Cuomo Leads Paladino by 35 Points – Will Mad Carl Hurt GOP Down Ballot?

Democratic Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is totally crushing his Republican opponent, Carl Palidino, in the New York gubernatorial race according to the latest New York Times poll. Cuomo is leading by whopping 35 points.

New York Times (10/10-15)
Andrew Cuomo (D) 59
Carl Paladino (R) 24
Someone else/Neither 2
Won’t Vote 4
DK/NA 12

The voters of New York really dislike Paladino–43 percent hold an unfavorable view of him while only 11 percent see him favorably. It would be hard to pinpoint why the voters dislike him. It could be his anger, his fighting with reporters, his habit of sending around racist and sexist emails, including some featuring bestiality, his remarks about gays, or a whole host of other issues.

Clearly, Cuomo is going to be the winner of this race, the question though is: how much damage does Paladino do down ballot? A governor’s race tends to be the turnou-driver in midterm elections, and a focal point for GOTV operations. There are about a half-dozen highly competitive Congressional races in the state in which the Republican might be slightly hurt because they have such an unpopular individual at the top of their party’s ticket damaging the Republican brand.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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