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Magical FAIL: My white privilege and membership in Gay Inc. will cost Dems the midterm elections

Here’s some Monday fun for you. This bizarre headline at RENWL reads:

Minus Gay Inc. White Privilege Delusions: Is Obama Wrong To Appeal DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

I laughed out loud when Clarknt67 Tweeted me today:

@Pam_Spaulding shocked to see you are part of “Gay Inc. White Privilege” #LGBT #DOMA #DADT @renwl

The last time I looked in the mirror (that was this AM), I wasn’t white and I’ve never been mistaken as such in the past…

Heck, my photo is at the top of the freaking blog, lol. I certainly wasn’t white at any time in the past, and don’t have any white relatives on either side of the family for as many generations back as we can recall.

What’s the charge? I’m not only tossing around my white privilege, but get this — I’m part of Gay Inc media outlets for saying this:

Pam’s House Blend: BREAKING: Obama DOJ to appeal Massachusetts DOMA case

How about that fierce advocacy! Predictable, given how things have gone so far; this admin’s DOJ and this President (a constitutional scholar) are going to defend discrimination. From Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (email press release)…

The rationale at RENWL:

The anti-Obama machine in Gay Inkdom is alive and strong.  It’s purposefully misleading, resentful and born out of the ironic reality that the LGBT community has yet to suffer one casualty in a so-called quest for civil rights. The continued dishonesty and lack of forthrightness on behalf of LGBT leadership and their media outlets may cost the Democratic party the midterm elections. We really wish these people would stop their hysteria mongering and lack of integrity in regards to misinforming the LGBT community. It is not serving our community well. Not at all.

I’m not sure how white privilege (that I don’t have) and loose professional associations (that I don’t belong to) have anything to do with the opinion that this President:

1) hasn’t kept his promises made to the LGBT community;

2) has thrown every roadblock possible to the feeble DADT repeal that’s on the table;

3) has made embarrassing specious legal arguments that appear to claim constitutionality of discriminatory laws;

4) has said that he wants to be held accountable for his performance.

Besides, I don’t think Gay Inc. wants my Cheetos-stained, PJ-clad posterior in their club.

I certainly can understand someone disagreeing with me on a topic, but for god’s sake, at least start off with a reality-based premise before doing so. LOLOLOL.

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Pam Spaulding

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