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an escalated nonviolent tactic to end dadt

coming simply from the position of a nonviolent campaign strategist and not a member of the military or someone impacted by the policy….

national coming out day for all lgbt military personnel.  paralysis of the system [that now claims it would be inconvenient to do the right thing] would have a great chance of demonstrating that it would be more costly to continue the discrimination than to end it.  

if everyone in the military who was lgbt came out on the same day, it would be similar to the tactics of mlk and gandhi that clogged the jails and courts, increasing the cost to the state and demonstrating to the state that the sactions imposed to keep people in line are no longer effective.  this of course carries risks to people's lives and livelihoods, as most effective nonviolent campaigns do, and could not be entered into without  fully informed and disciplined courageous participants who are able to cast off their fear of sanction.  

the shortest way to end brutalities is to demonstrate that they don't help achieve the stated objectives of the state.   It would require a great amount of support from the nonmilitary actionists, to aid those who are taking the most risk of sanction. i realize that the toxic closet and the success of societal disapproval in keeping our community living in fear of discovery  adds another hurdle to action.  


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