The Pentagon has been preparing for the next batch of documents to be released by Wikileaks:

The Pentagon said on Sunday it had a 120-member team prepared to review a massive leak of as many as 500,000 Iraq war documents, which are expected to be released by the WikiLeaks website sometime this month.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan told Reuters the timing of the leak remained unclear but the Defense Department was ready for a document dump as early as Monday or Tuesday, a possibility raised in previous WikiLeaks statements.

Some sources indicate Wikileaks may not release documents for another week. The Pentagon isn’t taking any chances, though. A source familiar with military operations indicated that the work of the 120-member team was really part of a "reverse FOIA" — Freedom of Information Act request for release of documents, usually made by journalists and other external entities looking for information from the government. In this case, the government is scrambling to review documents for release before any FOIA has been issued, a kind of reverse FOIA in an effort to defuse the release of documents by Wikileaks.

What do you think will be in this next batch of documents?

And what’s on your mind tonight?



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