Is it the kind of idle fantasizing people do after buying a lottery ticket . . . "the First Thing I would do with $78 million is…"

maybe it is useful to while the time away serving a long prison sentence, "the First Thing I’m gonna do when I get out is go surfing at Big Sur again…"

but does it make sense to fantasize about "The First Thing the new Warden should do is . . . release all the non-violent drug offenders locked up by known toker Bill Clinton!"

The Warden is not gonna do that, even if he is more suave, stylishly dressed, and has superior grammar to the previous one.

So, how about a little more situational awareness, shall we say, rather than sculpting "pragmatic" fantasies about the new Warden?

But wait, maybe I’ll try this little excercise, to see if it works for me – the first thing Obama needs to do is suspend all financial and military aid to Israel until they go back to their internationally recognized borders, and give back the land they took by force. Maybe roll up some of their spies and highly placed agents of influence, as well?

ha ha ha ha! Is to laugh, yes?

What is the point, besides delusion and misdirection? Dwelling in fantasyland, how is that pragmatic, rather than some kind of self-medication for (D) captured ‘progressives’ nauseated from the swill they have been willingly drinking?

He was never going to do any of those things ‘progressives’ auto-hypnotized themselves into believing he was going to do, and plenty of folks knew that all along.

oh well, The First Thing I’m going to do with my Anti-gravity boots is … go chase that Public Option Sparkle Pony!!!