SHAG-adelic Jet Set Vegas Art Weekend

SHAG hosts endless party in Las Vegas

Coolly retro-themed artist SHAG — a.k.a. Josh Agle — is the in-person host for next weekend’s Mondo Lounge III convention in Las Vegas at the Palms Hotel which focuses on the culture, art and aesthetics of mid-20th Century America, specifically that brief shining period, Post-War, pre-grassy knoll when all things seemed possible, glorious and beautiful.

Along with era-appropriate entertainment, live music and heaps of style, there’s some awesome art.  SHAG is exhibiting, selling and signing,  and Bosko will also be present. Bosko’s tiki-inspired woodwork has a mid-century theme with his own contemporary twist, retaining a timeless quality.


Dave Weidman’s rare hand pulled serigraphs will also be available for sale. The 89-year old Weidman is highly collectible and influenced both SHAG and Chris Reccardi–the award-winning director, designer, storyboard artist, animator and music composer whose work is also featured at Mondo Lounge III.

Dave Weidman

Chris Reccardi

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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