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New Conspiracy Theory

Definitely what the world needs now is another wild-eyed conspiracy theory. Happy to oblige.

I’ve been wondering lately how the Tea Party could have materialized so quickly after Obama’s inauguration. What was it, three months? It’s well known that Tea Party funding comes largely from as few billionaires. What motivates the Koch Brothers of the world? This is a generalization but I think it’s safe to say their main concerns are lower taxes, deregulation and somewhat down the ladder trade policies that allow for or encourage outsourcing.

They could easily decide to spend millions on fomenting hate for Democrats and support for Republicans just over the tax issue. Our billionaire friends will save more if the top tax rate stays at 35% instead of rising to 39% than they will spend on all the funding of the Tea Party and all the millions spent on Republican candidates this election season.

As lame as the Democrats are as defenders of the middle class and the poor they’re still not as amenable to everything a right wing billionaire would want. So could all the sturm and drang of the last two years — the overheated health care town halls, the rage over spending and the deficit, etc. merely be a business plan to turn the population against the Democrats and elect enough Republicans to insure the Bush tax cuts remain in place? It would be a good business decision for the plutocrats.

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