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That's one swinging evangelical Army Chaplain…

Oy. Hypocrisy abounds in those who beat the Bible hardest, isn’t it? What a catch by P.Z. Myers.

It will be interesting to see if anyone squawks about this revelation: Army Chaplain Lt. Col. William McCoy seems to have a wild and frolicsome sex life, while writing pious little books promoting Christianity. There’s absolutely nothing suggesting male homosexuality in his online personal history, but isn’t the occasional menage a trois or voyeurism session as sinful to an evangelical Christian?

He’s not exaggerating. Over at The Underground Unbeliever, we learn that the anti-atheist prosyletizing evangelical Lutheran chaplain has a profile on Yahoo as swinger lesdeuxparfoi, and he lets it all hang out. Literally, in a NSFW fashion.

Chaplain McCoy has stated that those who don’t believe in a God bring misfortune upon their unit mates. He publicly stated the following in his book, Under Orders: A Spiritual Handbook for Military Personnel :

“Belief in God is a foundational factor. Once you do away with God as a given truth, all other things are immediately affected by that. For instance, once God does not exist you suddenly have no reference to greatness outside of yourself, and no ‘revelation’ outside of yourself. The greatest thing in life suddenly becomes something or someone else, like yourself perhaps. …”

Wow, what arrogance saying that those who don’t believe in a god are somehow not as morally developed as himself. And this is supposed to be in a book for all military members?

My favorite revelation is that the Chaplain’s views on sinning are, well, conveniently and piously interpreted to justify all that infidelity in the name of getting off with someone other than his wife (and along with her).

Here is a quote about sinning from the Table of Contents, Chapter 7.

Fight the Real Fight. Sin is irrelevant in today’s world, but it still makes its impression on each of us.

The age old problem of sin is undertaken in a way to enable the reader to understand it without defining sin for each person. Ultimately, there is no list of sins any greater than another list. We all have issues specific issues with regard to our sin both personally and judicially before God. We should realize that sin is normal and is the reason we are entitled to God’s grace so freely. Without sin, we’d be perfect. It is part of our makeup and we must understand it to live better.

So we have to sin in order to get to heaven and to have a better life? Very interesting, a rationalization of why he needs to sin.

Of course no one cares if the good chaplain has this randy sex life; he should either 1) learn how to block his profiles so people cannot discover his hypocrisy, or 2) stop casting stones on other people’s houses.

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