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Holiday Camping Tarps

What do you like to take along with you on those weekend or week-long camping trips? A good tent to sleep in would be the first thing most campers would select to bring. I actually find a sleeping bag and sleeping underneath the stars is a lot easier; than bringing a tent, canvas tarps to help protect against rain and wind and take down after the trip is over. So no tent for me, just a good sleeping bag and hope that it doesn’t rain. Most of my camping trips are for 1 to 3 nights and I usually have a good idea about the weather forecast. If I was going on a camping trip that would have me out in the woods for 5 days or more, I would probably want to take a tent too. The weather is the main reason why. You do want a tent for shelter, if the skies above decide to open up and start raining cats and dogs.The next issue campers must overcome is the lighting needs for their trips. A good campfire is good for most of the lighting needs, but a few other popular activities call for more light to be present. I like to fish at night time. It’s hard to put a hook on a fishing line with the light from the campfire. I prefer to have a flashlight or lantern present for this chore of putting a new hook on. Using one a canvas tarp to create a temporary shelter along the river bank can be a nice addition to protect you from the elements. In case one light source fails, it’s always good to have a backup plan. I think my perfect camping trip would include 2 flashlights (1 big, 1 small) and a lantern for other lighting purposes.

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