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Got a Phone and a Few Minutes? Call Young Voters for Prop 19 this Weekend

Just Say Now - Call for PotThis weekend Just Say Now is doing a huge push to call young voters about marijuana initiatives, primarily about Prop 19 to legalize marijuana in California. More than 2,000 people already pledged to make calls this weekend, and dozens of people have been consistently calling for the last several hours.

If you want Prop 19 pass, own a phone, and have a few minutes this weekend, please call young voters and help get out the vote for Prop 19.

Click here to start calling young voters for marijuana reforms – all it takes is a phone, and an email address or Facebook or Twitter account.

The polls are close for each and every initiative. Prop 19 is almost at 50% in California; Arizona’s Prop 203 for medical marijuana is slightly above 50%; Oregon’s Measure 74 for medical marijuana dispensaries and South Dakota’s medical marijuana initiative, Measure 13, are both neck and neck.

We know for a fact that people between the ages of 18 and 29 are overwhelmingly likely to support marijuana reforms, and that they’re much more likely vote if they know that real people like you are cheering them on.

Right now, I’m at the Students for Sensible Drug Policy West Coast conference, where 75 students from California are learning about the latest drug policy, and of course, Prop 19. Tomorrow, all of us are going to pick up our phones and call thousands of young voters for Prop 19. We’d love to have you join us sometime this weekend.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to vote for these initiatives, or if you support these reforms but can’t vote in the states, this is your chance to bring new, young voters to the polls and shift momentum in favor of ending the war on marijuana.

Pick up the phone and start calling young voters for marijuana reform right now. Each call brings us closer to victory for marijuana reforms on Election Day.

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Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

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