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Beck, Bucks & Bullets

Photo by Damrill

Photo by Damrill

As if we needed any more evidence of why Glenn Beck is a despicable and dangerous nut, consider these two items from the past couple of days.

Exhibit A: Glenn Beck apparently conflates the US Chamber of Commerce with its more benign local namesakes, declaring it to be the only organization fighting for the survival of American small businesses(!) and that “they are our parents, our grandparents – they are us”(!!), then urges his radio listeners and online readers to “make this the biggest fundraising day in the Chamber’s history.”  I guess because ruthlessly advocating for the basest instincts of America’s largest corporations doesn’t pay very well.

Exhibit B: Tides Foundation CEO and founder Drummond Pike writes an impassioned plea urging advertisers to pull all of their commercials from Fox News, not just from Glenn Beck’s time slot.  As you probably remember, Beck painted bullseyes on Pike and all his employees by repeatedly demonizing their organization as the financial hub of some sort of extremist left-wing brainwashing conspiracy, encouraging one of his devoted fans to embark on what almost became a tragic murder spree.

Pike points out that Fox’s advertisers “are subsidizing Glenn Beck’s television show by continuing to pump money into the network,” and they will have blood on their hands if Beck’s next misguided human missile hits its target.

This is why it’s so horrifying that there are millions of people who let Beck tell them who their friends and enemies are.  In his topsy-turvy funhouse world, a big-business organization dedicated to subverting democracy through unfettered corporate access is a just-folks crusader for the little guy, while a philanthropic organization dedicated to civic engagement, economic justice, human rights and a clean environment is democracy’s implacable enemy.

In Glenn Beck’s world, the Chamber of Commerce deserves our gratitude, support and even $$$, while the Tides Foundation deserves terror, destruction and death.

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