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Take a Deep Breath. Please.

I’m seeing lots and lots of rage that is apparently looking for a place to go. And I’m seeing it everywhere.

More angry car accidents, more fistfights in public, more people fighting it out in blog comments section (even people who are normally friendly to one another). More fights between husbands and wives, more examples of teen violence.

Just in the past twenty-four hours, in my own usually-mellow neck of the woods, a normally-peaceful Twin Cities neighborhood saw a tragic teen boy-girl murder-suicide, and another normally-peaceful Twin Cities suburb saw a father kill two of his three children, along with their mother.

It’s depressing and enervating.

Please, we have to stop the rage. And if it is to be, then it begins with me. You and me.

Yes, I know that person cut you off with his car — that doesn’t justify speeding after him, much less shooting him. Yes, I know your classmate called you a bad name — don’t play her game and give her the amped-up reaction she wants. Don’t try to fight a wrong by letting yourself get so ruled by your anger and your fear (anger is merely fear that lashes out) that you stop thinking and just react in ways harmful to you and to others.

Just. Stop.

Look at your own actions, your own responses to actions. We may not be able to get others to behave, but we sure can keep from letting our responses feed the cycle.

Please. Step away from the rage. Take a walk. Stop feeding the hate by nursing your aggrieved feelings — you’re hurting yourself more than you’re hurting the original target of your rage. (I know, I’ve been there, I take blood pressure medication as a result.)

Please. For your sake. And all of ours.

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