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LCR lamenting “the years” of lawsuit

I will be voting for someone other than Obama in Democratic primaries, and if it's Obama who wins in the primaries, I am not sure I will be voting in Presidential elections, or maybe I'll throw my vote away instead voting for a 3rd party candidate.  
That said, I find it funny to see LCR lamenting “the years” of this lawsuit. Maybe someone should remind them that 4 years of their lawsuit has gone under Bush. They filed the suit in 2004. Before Bush's reelection. And somehow, they sat on this suit for 4 years only to get it active in 2009, how does this happen? I mean I haven't heard of hot-button lawsuits sitting at the district court level that long! Massachusetts DOMA cases were filed last year, Perry case in California was filed last year and has already been decided in the same California (although I think different District)… But still – 5 years (it seemed to reactivate in the news in 2009, if I'm not mistaken) of LCR lawsuit of no action?  
And it was filed in 2004, before the elections, when many were expected to vote for a Democrat in presidential elections. Would LCR reactivated their lawsuit in 2005 had Kerry come to power? We'll never know since Bush won. I just wanted to put this thought out there.

President Obama should be condemned for his inaction on many of his promises (& not just to LGBTs), his active fighting against civil rights advances, and his Janus-like double-facedness. Nonetheless, we shouldn't allow LCR to pretend like they're coming to this with clean hands either, especially when they continue to support Republicans, whose political stands and positions are so stomach-churning (like recent DeMint's comment).

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