Why Does Alabama Love Foreclosure Fraud?

This is just an observation.

As of current reporting, Alabama’s Attorney General Troy King is the only state AG not to join in the joint investigation of foreclosure fraud. Even Michigan AG Mike Cox, whose spokesperson said investigating foreclosure fraud would amount to “politicizing the struggles of Michigan families,” has joined the investigation.

I find it interesting that, thus far, AL’s AG is not participating since AL is the state that tried to give us the eNotary bill. It was first introduced–in 2006, and then repeatedly since–by Robert Aderholt, a Congressman from AL. And it was pushed through after Patrick Leahy got snookered by a bunch of notaries in town for a Calvin Coolidge ceremony. But it was pushed through with the help of Senate Judiciary Ranking Member and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

Now this may be one big coinkydink. Or it may be that Alabama’s Republicans just tend to like giving banksters unfettered reign (though AL’s other Senator, Richard Shelby, is calling for an investigation).

But I just find it worth noting.

Update: Looks like AL has now signed onto the investigation.

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