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‘Show Us a Map; We’ll Recognize an Israel that Doesn’t Include West Bank & E. Jerusalem’

We officially demand that the US administration and the Israeli government provide a map of the borders of the state of Israel which they want us to recognize. …

We want to know whether this state includes our lands and houses in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. …

If this map is based on the 1967 borders and provides for the end of the Israeli occupation over all Palestinian lands… then we recognize Israel by whatever name it applies to itself in accordance with international law.

Senior Palestinian Official Yasser Abed Rabbo

This of course under-reported in the U.S. move by the Palestinians (the latest U.S. ‘news’/propaganda on I/P, by the way, is "Israel offers settlement freeze in exchange for recognition; Palestinians say ‘no’") is smart if it increases international attention on what the U.S. and Israel are asking Palestinians to recognize: a borderless state fully expanded into Palestinian territory. Abed Rabbo added:

It is important for us to know where are the borders of Israel and where are the borders of Palestine. Any formulation the Americans present – even asking us to call Israel the ‘Chinese State’ – we will agree to it, as long as we receive the 1967 borders. We have recognized Israel in the past, but Israel has not recognized the Palestinian state.

Other Israel occupation news:

One year sentence for peacefully protesting ‘apartheid wall’
October 13, 2010; The Independent (UK)

That peaceful protester could be Israel’s partner for peace
By Libby Lenkinski Friedlander
September 24, 2010; Haaretz

Gazan Samir Al-Nadeem dies after waiting 35 days for exit visa to receive heart treatment
October 13, 2010; IPS

BDS Success: Unilever to Move Factory out of West Bank
October 12, 2010; Alternative Information Center (AIC)

Helen Thomas: You cannot criticize Israel in the U.S. and survive
October 12, 2010; Haaretz

Top 10 worst errors Israel is about to make
By Bradley Burston
October 12, 2010; Haaretz

The Jewish Republic of Israel
By Gideon Levy
October 10, 2010; Haaretz

Netanyahu, Lieberman and Barak are making Israel into a ghetto
By Avirama Golan
October 13, 2010; Haaretz

Golan’s is a passionate whine, but one of the Haaretz comments smacks it down with, I guess, the right degree of pessimism/realism:

Compelling but misleading analysis
Michael N; 10.13.10

To argue that the Crazy Right is scuttling the dream of the Old Zionist to create a normal state is misleading. There is plenty on the record to conclusively show that Ben-Gurion and many in the leadership of the Yishuv aspired to create a Jewish state to the exclusion of the Palestinians. The difference is that they were not as obtuse and ‘thuggy’ about their intentions and how to go about implementing it. The other salient differences are the reservoir of good intentions towards the new struggling state, which by now is all but gone, and the demise of the successor to MAPAI, the old labor party. The train has long left the station. There is nothing to lament. Likud and Israel Beiteinu are the true reflection of Israel and its people today. There is no viable center-left party that can lead a sober-sane electorate. Israel moves down the slippery slope of jingoism. Too bad.

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