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Rand Paul to Jack Conway: “Step Up and Be a Man”

From Aqua Buddha’s (T-KY) debate last night with Jack Conway.

“He’s against earmarks but really for them,” Paul said, suggesting that an interpreter is needed to understand what Conway actually is saying.

Paul urged Conway to “step up and be a man, take a chance, say you are for something.”

Because if anyone knows manliness, it’s Randy.

At the end of a rocky week, newly chosen Senate nominee Rand Paul (R-KY) has canceled a planned interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” citing exhaustion. It’s only the third cancellation from a major guest in 62 years, the show’s Executive Producer Betsy Fischer said in an interview this afternoon.

When he says something, you know he means it.

Republican U.S. Senate nominee Rand Paul claims in a new TV ad that he does not support higher deductibles for Medicare and that his Democratic rival, Jack Conway, is “deliberately distorting” his views on the issue.

But Conway has released a video that shows Paul repeatedly suggesting that there should be a $2,000 deductible for Medicare patients.

He’s for limited government, period.

Do you think there ought to be a law against having, using the prerogatives of your position and your power, of your job, to have relations with an intern? I think that’s disgusting.”

Very manly, no?

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