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Just Say Now’s Big GOTV Effort for Marijuana

In just 21 days, California will vote to legalize marijuana. Three other states are voting on medical marijuana measures. Each race is very close, so it’s critical we can turn out every vote to pass marijuana reforms.

Just Say Now is rolling out a huge Get Out The Vote effort that will contact tens of thousands of voters between now and Election Day. To pull it off, we need to raise $40,000 over the next week.

I recorded a video to tell you about our plans to pass marijuana reform in 4 states in November. Check out the video, and then chip in $25 to help us Get Out the Vote for marijuana.

Our goal is to bring in thousands of young voters who aren’t yet planning on voting; they’re the most likely people to support marijuana reform, and are the least likely to vote right now – until we get to work.

Here’s a little about what we’re planning for each state:


California voters will vote on Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana. Just Say Now is:

  • Working with the Yes on 19 campaign to call young voters in 3 of the top 6 target counties.
  • Helping train Students for Sensible Drug Policy members organize their campuses to turn out California college voters.
  • Registering new voters ahead of next week’s deadline.


Oregon voters will decide on Measure 74 to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. We’re working with the Measure 74 campaign to:

  • Redesign the campaign’s website and make it easier for voters to find information in support of Measure 74
  • Call thousands of voters in Oregon to identify supporters and provide information about how to vote for the initiative
  • Organize the campaign’s supporters online

South Dakota

In South Dakota, voters will decide on Measure 13, which would allow patients to have access to medical marijuana. Just Say Now is:

  • Organizing South Dakota’s online supporters to get involved with the campaign and contact their neighbors to support Measure 13.
  • Redesigning the campaign’s website to inform voters about medical marijuana and allow supporters to help the campaign online
  • Contacting thousands of voters in the state through online phone banking


Proposition 203 is on Arizona’s ballot, and would bring medical marijuana to the state. It’s up in the polls, but Just Say Now is working to make sure Prop 203 passes. We are:

  • Getting voters to pledge to vote for Prop 203, after registering hundreds of voters in the state
  • Calling young Arizona voters to tell them about Prop 203 and make sure they vote
  • As you can see, this is a huge GOTV effort. It’s a ton of work that will be invaluable to these campaigns. But we need your help to pull it off.

Help us raise $40,000 in the final weeks for marijuana reform. Please chip in $25 now and help Just Say Now get out the vote.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress in these final weeks. Thanks so much for all you do to end the war on marijuana.

Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

My name is Michael Whitney. I'm a progressive online organizer working with FDL Action. Rush Limbaugh called me "clueless" once. He went into rehab two days later.