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Miami Thrice: GetEQUAL Protests Obama Event by Land, by Air, by Sea (1)

GetEQUAL has a massive protest demonstration effort ongoing in Miami today, at the home of NBA superstar and Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning, where President Barack Obama is appearing now at a big-dollar private fundraiser for the Democrats. There are three prongs to the demonstration: by Land, by Air, and by Sea.

We’ll have online updates directly from the event as we hear about them from our GetEQUAL contacts. Also follow GetEQUAL today on twitter for live updates: @GetEqual

The president was greeted by protests before and throughout the event, organized by the LGBT group GetEQUAL and Florida rights activists, who challenged him to end all DADT discharges immediately.

Protest signs at the event say: "Stop the Discharges Now" and "We’ll Give When We GetEQUAL."

Air Force One is wheels down in Florida; we’ll bring you updates as they happen.

(photo: getEQUAL)

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge