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DCCC to Gay Iraq Vet: “Your Money’s No Good Here”

The promised reports from inside the Democratic fundraiser at NBA superstar Alonzo Mourning’s bayfront estate won’t be possible, apparently. Former Democratic Congressional candidate, honorably discharged West Point grad and Iraq War veteran Anthony Woods’ $5,000 check was returned by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and he was denied access to the event today. So no one was around to provide President Obama with personal, necessary context, one-to-one, about the GetEQUAL protests he saw today by land, by sea, and by air.

GetEqual kicked off the protest earlier in the day by launching a weather balloon from which a GetEqual banner was hung, and the balloon was set adrift toward the residence.

Attempts were also made to purchase tickets for the event at $5,000 per person for local activist Itzel Diaz and Anthony Woods, a 30-year-old California resident and recent Congressional candidate who was honorably discharged under the DADT policy in 2008. The two had submitted their check to the DCCC on Friday and were informed Monday morning that they had been denied access to the event.

Woods said he believed he was turned away because he had been discharged.

“I think they were trying to avoid any incident where ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ could be brought up. I think there was a concern that he would be pressed on the issue,” said Woods, adding that he had not been given any official reason.

Your money’s no good here, sir: seems to cover it. Anthony Woods was good enough to get sent to Harvard by the military, good enough to lead men in battle in Iraq, and good enough to admit to West Point. But his money’s no good to the Democrats who won’t repeal DADT. And the President who won’t issue a stop/loss order to suspend DADT discharges can’t even face Anthony Woods man-to-man.

Or perhaps this black gay man was unwelcome in NBA superstar Alonzo Mourning’s home.

Well, then — my money is no good either. I’ll give when I get Equal, too.

Interview above by AmericaBlog’s Joe Sudbay last summer when Anthony Woods was running for Ellen Tauscher’s House seat in California. He lost the primary to, and then campaigned for the election of, Lt-Gov John Garamendi, who now serves in Congress.)

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge