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John Boehner, Second In Line For President?

I was reminded tonight that John Boehner could become second in the line of succession for president should the republicans gain majority in the house. The thought has me feeling unnerved.

A few weeks ago I created a facebook page to try to help build some enthusiasm to get out the vote for all campaigns but also I decided to focus on helping Justin Coussoule(pronounced kuh-soo-lee) beat John Boehner in Ohio’s mostly independent 8th district. Justin is the first real opponent Boehner has had in 20 years. We currenly have 982 likes on our page and many people have committed to volunteering, donating, etc.

If you don’t have facebook or don’t want to go to our page, I will post some of the highlights here:

Fight the Crazy! Don’t let those with extremist views give you a representative that could not possibly represent you! Vote! Volunteer! Donate! Get Involved! Pass It On! Share the Enthusiasm!
Friday Q&A, 9/24/10

Learn more about Justin Coussoule and donate now here.

This week’s question is another one that we have been asked many times since we announced our support for Justin Coussoule: Do you really think that Justin can beat John Boehner? for more

"I’m Workin My Ass Off Where I Live In My Ohio 8th District To Ensure Boehner Will Not Be Re-Elected!" for more

And Act Blue is working on keeping the golfing ad on TV…

Here is a link to video of Justin’s recent appearance on the Ed Schultz show:

And here is Keith Olberman’s video on the Republican Pledge:

Many people said Obama could never win. I know there’s not a lot of time left.. but in the district that does not get polled, the first real opponent to Boehner is working a ground game to defeat him and I encourage you all to give him a hand. Thanks!

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