Tomorrow, the first of a three-part series will appear exclusively here at The Seminal. Called Retaking Our Party: One, Two, Three, the parts will follow on consecutive days, concluding Tuesday.

I offer this user’s guide in advance of tomorrow’s series debut, with two goals in mind: (a) To establish in advance my intent in writing the series, and (b) To help maximize your time efficiency in reading, commenting on, and enacting the strategy the series lays out – all of which I sincerely hope you will consider doing.

If I had to write an overall mission statement for the project, it would be:

To set true lefties in this country on a strategic course of action encompassing the next three national elections, aimed at the Democratic Party’s rebirth through re-commitment to the core beliefs which have been at worst abandoned and at best negotiated into meaninglessness by the erstwhile progressive and lesser-of-two-evils leadership of the party at the national level.

Or, more succinctly:

To set in motion an energetic, determined progressive initiative to purge all DINOs from the Democratic Party, and keep them out.

Much has been written and commented on here at FDL in recent months conveying the broadly held belief that the Democratic Party, at the national level, is a corporate-owned, co-opted organization which no longer represents the Left.

Re-Taking Our Party: One, Two, Three begins with "From Whence I Came," unearthing what led to one man’s lifelong dedication to activism and dissent. Part Two, "How We Got Here," is an ambitious aggregation of much of the recent discourse at FDL – crucial insight on current progressive thought, preparing the reader for Part Three: "A Three-Election Strategy," detailing a path for re-establishing true progressivism as the overarching tenet of Democratic Party principle and practice at the national level.

As a guide to those who follow the series – who I hope will choose to actively participate in Retaking Our Party – I ask only the following:

(1) A fully opened mind. Not merely "open," but opened – an eagerness to try new tactics, since repeating what we’ve done for the past 30 years has clearly failed, and continuing to do it whilst expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

(2) A belief in Margaret Mead’s dictum that "… a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." – and the will to act on it.

(3) A willingness to fully assimilate all of the aggregated diaries and comments in Part Two, "How We Got Here." It’s a lot of reading, but my hope is to bolster resistance to repeating points already made as the discussion has unfolded. These selected diaries are being highlighted purposely, for all to consider as we move forward. Let’s not get bogged down. It’s time for positive action.

Do you agree that the national Democratic Party’s evolution into a corporate-owned entity can be largely attributed to the practice of voting Democratic first and asking questions later?

Do you believe this evolution has led to a veritable one-party system, from which progressive thought and action has been fully excised?

Are you a true activist, seriously interested in re-establishing the American Left – or do you merely pretend to be one, on your computer?

If you are ready to take concrete steps toward returning progressivism to the prominence it warrants, I hope you’ll read and act on Re-Taking Our Party: One, Two, Three – tomorrow through Tuesday, here at The Seminal.

Thanks very much for your interest.

Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel