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In Alaska, Sen. Mark Begich’s Brother Explains How Scott McAdams Can Beat Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski

Alaska artist and political wonk, Tom Begich, was on Moore Up North today. Tom is U.S. Sen. Mark Begich’s brother. Along with brother Dr. Nick Begich, Jr, Tom is far more progressive than Mark. Tom borrowed my classroom blackboard from the University of Alaska Anchorage to illustrate two important things – why Sen. Lisa Murkowski cannot win on November 2nd as a write-in, and how close Scott McAdams may really be.

Here’s Tom’s segment from the show:

The rest of the show – a long, detailed and sometimes quite humorous interview with Democratic Party U.S. Senate candidate Scott McAdams – may be viewed here.

Joe Miller keeps on getting slammed in the Alaska press and blogs, perhaps more than any GOP candidate in a statewide race since John Lindauer, back in 1998.  . . .

The fact that McAdams led both Murkowski and Miller in campaign contributions last month is somewhat surprising, but very reassuring. Miller is getting hefty 527 Tea Party Express support, and most of those ads won’t start running until late October.

There was a debate this past week on Alaska Native issues, and others are scheduled soon. Miller has not yet agreed to an Anchorage debate on October 18th, hosted by the left moderate Alaska Dispatch.

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