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Programming note: I’ll be in Pittsburgh for the next few days, and on a pretty reduced posting schedule. Hoping to see the “real America” rather than my “coastal elite” environment by the Pacific Ocean. So enjoy the links, they may have to tide you over.

• Amusing that today Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan said in Washington that his company has found “no problems” with their foreclosure processes, but they’re going to pause them anyway, just to “clear the air.” Because most responsible businesses suspend their entire practices for that reason. By the way, it’s the ban on resales of repossessed homes that should catch everyone’s eye here. They don’t want to have problems with the titles.

• The Chamber of Commerce tried to defuse the controversy over their foreign funding by throwing some money at anti-health care Democrats, and to their credit, MoveOn is asking those Democrats to renounce the ads.

• Tim Geithner is large and in charge at the White House these days.

• You didn’t think those global environmental talks in China would yield anything, did you?

• The AFL-CIO has put together an outsourcing database that tracks information about what companies have shipped American jobs overseas. Knowledge is power.

• Brad DeLong wants to know what’s up with Ben Bernanke. Kevin Drum’s right on this one – people tell you who they are.

• Great map showing the housing bust by Congressional district. Should be interesting to go back to this after the election.

• Jack Conway jumps all over Rand Paul and his shifting claims on a $2,000 deductible for Medicare.

• This toxic sludge spill in Hungary sounded really horrible, but apparently there’s less concern for the Danube at this point. The spill has killed seven already, however, and concern over the storage pond filled with processing waste was well-known for a long time.

• Things I already knew dept.: Tom Vilsack fired Shirley Sherrod in haste.

• Teacher’s unions fight back over their derogatory treatment in “Waiting for Superman.” Personally I’m hopeful that “Waiting for Green Arrow,” about the archery industry, will be a big hit.

• The Obama Administration today announced over $727 million dollars through the Affordable Care Act for community health centers across the country. I still maintain that this is the best money spent in the bill.

• Chris Bowers is ramping up his Search Engine Optimization campaign for the midterms again.

• Sorry, seniors: no cost of living increase again this year. Earl Pomeroy has a bill for the lame duck that would give a $250 one-time payment to SS recipients.

• Ray LaHood wants to save the Hudson river rail tunnel project.

• The UAE will not block Blackberry service, it turns out.

• Lawdy mama light my fuse: Rick Derringer’s going into foreclosure. Check the documents, hootchie koo!

• Doesn’t look like Kendrick Meek is dropping out in FL-Sen, and doesn’t much look like it would matter anyway, Marco Rubio has that race pretty well in hand.

• You know your candidacy is done when you’re touting Sarah Palin’s father-in-law as an endorsement.

• Finally, I’m you.

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