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The “Best Analogy” Award for 2010

The "Best Analogy" Award for 2010

Note: This commentary was posted on the Cactus Juice Commentaries page at the web site for the Chicano Veterans Organization. Enjoy!

Perhaps it’s a little premature for this year, but when an award is well-deserved, offering out a Kudos is just another form for our Noblesse Oblige.

Now, I have an affinity and an appreciation for the "smarties" who are ‘talking’ to me and when it comes in the notional for an "ease of understanding" in which excellent writing equals an excellent observation, and done via an "analogy", then, I am in Heaven. As such, I have received some profound advice, and not to be forgotten. And again, my Kudos for such a person. In this instance, her moniker on the internet is "mary".

In a ‘discussion’ at the political blog named "" and comprised for the most party by Democratic Women, the subject area was the Affordable Care Act and the announced politics as it was being crafted in July of 2009. As such, a journalist reported and published a conversation with a lobbyist for the Hospital Industry, and to wit, the lobbyist had stated the Obama administration had ‘traded’ away the "public option" in return for the campaign donations from this hospital industry and to be delivered into the Democratic coffers for use in this election cycle (2010). And appropriately, the Democrats did the same thing with Big Pharma, given that Canadian imports of cheaper drugs was being prohibited, and consequently, the Democrats expected these industrial-sized campaign donations would also arrive into the Democratic coffers, as well.

Long story short, the expected largesse for the "campaign donations" have NOT arrived into the Democratic coffers, so the question being asked and begged, is, "Who got played?"

Obviously, the White House and the Democratic Senators in Congress "got played". And yet, until early this week and with the release of the book written by former Senajor Majority Leader Tom Dachle and with both hands deeply engaged in the White House’s crafting of the Affordable Care Act, Dachle states that this "mutual hand shake" between Big Pharma and the Hospital Industry and the White House did take place. Therefore, no "evidence" existed prior to, that could be corroborated, and Dachle did this earlier this week with his published book, and which is now an embarrassment to the Obama administration and the Democratic Senators in Congress. And what has ensued is that Daschle is doing his "walk back".

And now, one final item is highly pertinent as to this overall subtext. Because the "reconciliation process" was utilized, the overwhelming majority of Democratic Senators were publicly supportive of the "public option" and yet, could and would not offer an "amendment" during this reconciliation process, thusly, reinforcing the obvious, and that being our Elected Officials were far more appreciative of these preceived but non-existent campaign donations, than they were of the votes of their respective constituents, and now the voters, are well-aware of this politically egregious behavior of their Elected Officials. And when the votes are counted, many of these Democratic Senators and who are up for re-election, will find for themselves that their names will be replaced by the candidate named, "Public Option".

And with this election cycle upon us, the White House is challenging the Democratic Base to "buck up" and thusly, close down this existing "enthusiasm gap". Moreover, the White House and the Democratic elite are heaping scorn on the Democratic Base, and done in order to distract from the fact that they "got played". Furthermore, these Elected Officials are now "playing" their political base, and they are afraid to suffer the consequence at the ballot box.

Now, with this above paragraph in mind, Mary’s "analogy" seems both quite appropriate and redolent in it’s avowed understatement of an enraged angst and anger that may have considerable "resonance" with respect to the Obama/Biden re-election efforts in 2012 as this resonance moves across all the salient and important issues due to this "ripple effect".

As such, she [mary] says the following:

“It’s a bit like this. Here’s a guy, let’s call him Heath, with gangrene that has set in and moved up past his knee. Libruls consult with specialists and do research and decide that he needs an amputation of his whole leg to live. Conservatives say—nope, he doesn’t need anything but a positive outlook. Dr. Obama shows up, rolls his eyes over the positive outlook, asks the libruls to hire him for the surgery, then, once he has the gig, decides to “compromise” with the conservatives. He cuts the leg off at the knee, well below where the gangrene has progressed. So now Heath has had to go through an amputation that won’t do him any good and Dr. Obama is very, very angry that people aren’t giving him credit for cutting off the lower leg—after all, the other guys wouldn’t have cut off anything.”

Now, if our readers understand the excellent writing and the excellent observation being made by Mary, she is well-deserving of our Kudos.

And to "mary", the Prize, is one small jug of “original” Cactus Juice, and any more, would spoil her taste buds, and possibly, even her reputation. Of course, this is all in "good fun".


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