American society is being organized evermore in the interest of capital-realization. At work and at leisure almost everyone serves a socio-economic system in which they are directly exploited for profit. The extreme concentration of wealth should make it clear that the essential contradiction of this society is Capital versus the mass of the working population as a whole (which consists of blue collar, white collar, and roughly speaking about 90% of the people) but Progressives still don’t see it?

Instead of rebelling against this whole competitive, wasteful, meaningless society in which we are trapped, Progressives are putting out fires everywhere, everyday, and they “Can’t See the Forest for the Trees,” and are lost in a capitalist environment. They don’t bother to seriously concern themselves with the idea of a Socialist universe that offers a lot more time and freedom. Yes, it really is possible to make a living without exhausting, stressful wage-labor and mindless, endless consumption!

We need a transcending politics that wants more from the powers-that-be than improvements within the Capitalist lifestyle of marketing and money-making. At least the Counter-culture of the 60s caught a glimpse (or had a feeling) of a completely new and better way to live, and if Progressives don’t rediscover the Dream, then we will lose not only the Midterms, and the 2012 election, but also the very substance of the Good Life because humans do not live by bread, clothing, cars, and other “stuff” alone.

What motivates the base of the Democratic Party is what motivates (sane) human beings everywhere: namely, the vision and path of real peace, fulfillment, and joy, and not just the absence of war, material want, discrimination, and so on. Go on Progressives, keep waiving your swords at every stupid and ridiculous (painful) distraction that the ruling elite puts in the way, but the truth of the matter is, I dare to say, that America is not going to substantially change unless we BEGIN a long-range movement that unabashedly takes on Capitalism.

The restoration of Marxian theory, and the integral idea of Socialism, is the key for an exit from the madness enveloping us. Listen Progressives: you are not going to stop the madness no matter how heinous–for today’s example I cite the information coming out on the “shadow GOP”–if you believe that it is possible to take the obscene money out of politics in a society whose economic backbone is the endless pursuit of money.