October is both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Both of these issues resonate with me. I know why Breast Cancer Awareness does so since my wonderful sister (among many others) is at seven years survivor and counting. Just today I learned that my third grade teacher had died of breast cancer (through a Facebook post from her daughter). CNN has an article up on another Facebook campaign that is also being used to raise awareness of this issue.

While Breast Cancer Awareness is an issue most folks find easy to support, Domestic Violence Awareness is another story. I wrote a similar diary last October, concentrating on the Domestic Violence Awareness side of things. Neither issue involves contagious diseases or anything catching yet Domestic Violence still seems to be one of the "things that must not be spoken of." While both issues can happen to anyone most anywhere, Breast Cancer is a disease that can treated, although the treatment may cause a lot of side affects such as chemo-brain and hair loss, Domestic Violence is something that can stay in families and recur across generations, unfortunately. It is not just a spouse who suffers from Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence would have to include the potential for child abuse. Studies have shown that victims of child abuse often grow up to be abusers themselves. If the parents are involved in a domestic violence relationship then that is the example of relationship that the child sees and learns from.

Breast Cancer can happen to men as can Domestic Violence, although in both cases, the disease and the violence are far more likely to happen to women.  . . .

And because I can:

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