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After weeks of hard work and organizing, the Grassroots Farm Team is proud to announce that the MARSHALLBOMB for Elaine Marshall has begun!

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More about Elaine below the fold …From our MarshallBomb Page, Go Elaine Go!:

Elaine Marshall is a fighter.  When the conventional wisdom was that a woman couldn’t win a statewide election in North Carolina, Elaine Marshall won.  When folks told her she couldn’t beat Richard Petty in one of North Carolina’s most exciting races ever, Elaine Marshall won.  When both political parties suffered from scandal after scandal, and corruption in Raleigh kept getting worse, Elaine Marshall kept her moral compass pointed in the right direction and led with honor and integrity.

This year, Elaine was outspent by her primary opponent 3:1, but North Carolina citizens said Go Elaine Go! and Elaine won – twice!

Time and time again, Elaine Marshall beats the odds because she’s tough, smart, and unafraid to be the leader that North Carolina needs.  Even if Elaine’s opponent weren’t corporate America’s favorite errand boy, she would be the clear choice for the United States Senate.

Elaine is a strong progressive who can beat weak polling, do-nothing Burr. We’ve hit Burr pretty hard over his amendment to export bomb-grade uranium, but perhaps his worst national security vote (aside from voting for the Iraq War) is voting against the Franken Amendment, which protected contractors from rape:

When Richard Burr doesn’t vote no, here’s what you get (courtesy of James at BlueNC):

With Marshall, you get a progressive, pro-equality, pro-jobs candidate who is also an amazingly competent elected official:

It seemed unlikely that 14 years later, Marshall would transform the Secretary of State’s office into a platform to run for the U.S. Senate against Republican Richard Burr.

But Marshall is doing just that, touting her record in securities regulation and lobbying reform as useful training for the Senate.

“I’ve taken on lobbying and have been successful,” Marshall says on the campaign trial. “I’ve taken on Wall Street and have been successful. I’ve taken on out-and-out crooks and have been successful. Aren’t those the same issues we face in Washington D.C.?”

Read more:…

Please visit the MarshallBomb ActBlue Page and give this amazing Democratic woman the resources she needs to beat Richard Burr.

This is a duel we can win. Go Elaine Go!

Sam Spencer

Executive Director

Grassroots Farm Team PAC

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