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Early Morning Swim: Rachel Maddow Interviews Richard Engel on Deteriorating Situation in Afghanistan

And on and on it goes.

This won’t make President Obama’s anti-war base very happy: The White House sent word late last night that Obama is backing Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s goal of having Afghan forces lead security operations there — in 2014.

Karzai announced that goal last summer at the multi-national summit in July, and Secretary of State Clinton seemed to back his plan.

But Obama put his personal approval behind that timeline for the first time in a readout emailed by the White House around 11:30 p.m., after Obama and top officials held a half-hour video conference with Karzai.

The two leaders agreed that they should continue routine engagements to refine a common vision and to align our efforts to support President Karzai’s goal of completing transition to Afghan lead security responsibility by 2014,” the White House said.


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