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‘Israel Is Addicted To Occupation’

(Part 2) Gideon Levy – the "peace process" is a joke

Today’s Haaretz announced this explosive bombshell…

Victory for Israel’s right as ‘Jewish state’ loyalty oath nears vote

After intense negotiations, Netanyahu loses battle to soften controversial citizen’s declaration, paving the way for approval in the Knesset.

…Ministers approved a draft of the proposed oath, which would require anyone taking Israeli citizenship to swear allegiance to Israel as a "Jewish and democratic state". […]

Sources close to Netanyahu said the prime minister had decided to approve the proposed legislation in light of continuing peace talks, in which he has repeatedly pressed the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

"What we demand of the Palestinians, we must demand of our own citizens too," a Netanyahu confidante said.

*gah* The march onwards to a full-fledged, Fascist State continues on unabashedly…

Now, to it’s credit, the nominal ‘Left’ in the Knesset seems to be pushing back…

Labor expects new settlement freeze as payoff for loyalty oath

Junior coalition partner furious after PM hands victory to right-wingers with backing for citizenship requirement of pledging loyalty to ‘Jewish democratic state.’

Labor party ministers angered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s snap decision to back a controversial citizenship loyalty oath said late Wednesday that they expected a new freeze in settlement building as a payoff. […]

But the prime minister must perform a balancing act. Allies at both ends of the political spectrum and the Labor party hope that his latest concession is a sop to right-wingers ahead of a decision to renew a ban on settlement building in the West Bank – a key demand of the left.

"I hope that Netanyahu’s support is a payoff to Lieberman, so that the prime minister will be able to extend the freeze without breaking apart his coalition," said one Labor minister, who declined to be named. […]

"Netanyahu is under heavy pressure from the Americans," the minister said. "I presume that he intends to announce an extension of the freeze soon. " […]

"The decision is outrageous and irresponsible," said Minority Affairs Minister Avishai Braverman, calling on Labor leader Ehud Barak to convene an immediate debate in the party with the aim of blocking the move.

Now, since I’ve been remiss the past few days on the latest news on the Peace Farce, let me bring you up to speed…

Last I’d blogged, Bibi was inclined to reject it…

It is hard to imagine anything Ross left out. For Bibi, the Ross offer was a dream come true. All that for a 60-day freeze.

But Bibi said "no".

And why? "Netanyahu said he appreciated the letter but could not accept the American proposal because it included a two-month extension of the construction moratorium, which he said would damage his public credibility.

The Jpost had noted at the time…

Pressure mounts on PM to reject US ‘benefits package’

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has begun efforts to persuade Likud cabinet members to support a deal with the US in which Israel would limit construction in Judea and Samaria for 60 days in return for American promises, Likud officials confirmed on Sunday.

While the proposal has not been finalized, Netanyahu’s associates have started making inquiries with the ministers, asking them to be flexible. […]

Following those pledges, Netanyahu would have little to no chance of passing a proposal that would limit construction in the cabinet, security cabinet or septet. No votes have been scheduled ahead of this weekend’s key Arab League summit in any forum of ministers.

Subsequently, the ‘Cabinet’ of seven MP’s, the ‘Septet’ even… Didn’t even talk about the ‘extension’…

Septet talks delegitimization of Israel, UN flotilla probe

Ministerial forum makes point of releasing statement after meeting saying that peace talks, possible freeze extension not discussed.

Now, Let’s take a good gander at what Bibi and the Septet was actually talking about at that meeting…

The Gaza Flotilla: The Collapse of Israel’s Political Firewall

This case-study deals with the Gaza Flotilla which caused tangible and significant damage to Israel. Israel’s response to future flotillas and the entire campaign being waged against it, requires a comprehensive systemic treatment of the delegitimization challenge.

Folk’s…! It’s a mighty spooky read… (PDF!59pgs) Some key graf’s…

The evolution of the Delegitimization Network. This network aims to turn Israel into a pariah state so it will ultimately cease to exist. It is based in a number of metropolitan cities (US!), within which a relatively small number of individuals and organizations mobilize the assault on Israel’s legitimacy. The Delegitimization Network’s success lies in its ability to harness the Western liberal and progressive elite. It does so by employing a variety of means aimed at blurring its true intentions; […]

11. These groups are leading a systemic and systematic attack against Israel’s political and economic model, which has already had strategic consequences and may become existential if ignored or inadequately addressed.

12. Moreover, Israel suffers from strategic conceptual inferiority in contending with this threat. In other words, Israel has no effective response to the challenge it faces. This inferiority has caused Israel to repeatedly suffer from political and diplomatic disappointments, despite evident quantitative and qualitative military, technological, and economic superiority. For example, Israel’s ability to defend itself militarily has been compromised; its sovereignty has been challenged by increased international involvement in its domestic issues and the leveraging of universal jurisdiction against it; and it faces the risk of boycotts. […]

40. It takes a network to fight a network – The delegitimization campaign against Israel is carried out by a network of NGOs based in a number of international metropolitan cities. Disrupting this network should become the main anti-delegitimization focus.

41. ‘Re-branding’ Israel is critical for the battle against delegitimization, as well as for Israel’s ability to communicate its messages effectively and for disrupting the Delegitimization Network’s ability to fulfill its goals.

59. Israel is dealing with the parallel ripening of two processes:
– The successes accumulated by the Delegitimization Network, which opposes Israel’s existence based on a variety of political, ideological, and philosophical principles. Western-based radical leftist elements shape and lead the Delegitimization Network, with the aim of turning Israel into a pariah state. To this end, they purposefully advance the association of the state with the South African apartheid regime in order to undermine the legitimacy of Israel’s existence;
– The efficacy of the ‘Strategy of Implosion’ advanced by the Resistance Network – led by Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas – which rejects Israel’s existence based on Islamist and Arab-nationalist ideology. The Resistance Network aspires to precipitate Israel’s implosion by means of ‘overstretch’: sabotaging processes aimed at ending Israel’s control over Palestinians, advancing Israel’s delegitimization, and developing means of asymmetric warfare deployed against Israel’s military and civilian population.

60. The Reut Institute contends that combined, these forces represent a political-diplomatic strategic threat that may become existential. Resistance Network leaders repeatedly and publicly declare their goal of causing Israel’s implosion inspired by precedents set by the Soviet Union, South Africa, and other countries. This logic is ripening into a strategy that is yielding tangible gains.

Maybe Sibel Edmonds had a point or two…!

How much of our vaunted FBI is in AIPAC’s back pocket…


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