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The Rahm Campaign: Day One, Welcome Home, Dude!

Local media, and voters in Chicago, were not kind to Rahm Emanuel on his first day back in town for his ‘listening tour™’ (credit Hillary Clinton) to hear what voters think about his candidacy.

Between being captured using the hand-sanitizer on camera and the discovery that his "I’m baaaaack!" video was made at his home in DC, things are a little bumpy for Rahm, to say the least.

DNC Chair, anyone?

"… a taste of reality…"

"Some bumps on the road…."

"He does not belong here…."


"He hasn’t been here for two years, I don’t think it’s right for him to come back and say he wants to be Mayor…."

"Will Rahm Emanuel’s candidacy be over before it begins?"

"… biggest elephant in the room has got to be the alleged dealmaking with former governor Rod Blagojevich…."

"Welcome to Chicago, huh?"

Yeah, Rahm — welcome the fuck home.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge